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Coaching has benefits – for the executive, the team, corporations and clients

Measurable success


How we work with our clients

Our clients come to us with a great deal of advanced trust, which makes them deserving of our greatest care. This is true not only for the selection of our interventions but also for the manner in which we implement them.

Tailor-made Constellations

Depending on task and situation, the coaching process can proceed in different constellation:

In the preparation phase, we work out together which constellation – or which combination – is optimal for the particular case.

Variety of methods

Not only complex challenges but also standard situations demand a differentiated procedure. The routine mastery of a variety of suitable instruments provides the necessary methodical horizon for rapid success in the process.


As business coaches, we involve the company of our coachees without compromising the strict confidentiality between coach and coachee. The line manager generally assumes the role of the sponsor, formulating the company’s expectations of the coaching process. This integrative approach locks in maximum backing and valuable findings into the leadership culture and development processes of the organization.

The benefits of a coaching process specifically tailored to the coachee’s needs can also provide valuable guidance and feedback outside of defined roles in a company. This applies to professionals working in changing constellations as well as to people we accompany as private individuals or in an orientation phase between two professional challenges.

Our experience includes more than 40 companies from a wide range of industries and sectors. Confidentiality is a matter of course in our field of activity, which is why we do not publish a list of references. We are, however, happy to arrange appropriate contacts on the client side. These can be – depending on the desired background – coachees, sponsors or personnel managers.


Think global, act global.

Business coaching is classic people-business. Come meet the members of our team and our global network

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Lead long and prosper – freudig führen!

It’s on everone’s lips: the more challenging the times, the more important your role as a leader becomes. Of course, as a leader you have always been called upon to go the ‘extra mile’ outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. So that you don’t lose sight of the joy of the job, responsibility and leadership in the sweat of your brow, there is now our Spellcast: Lead long and prosper!


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